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3. Firms adopting a relationship marketing strategy by creating a community of buyers view their company's Internet web site as a(n): (Points: 1)
promising technique to reach the mass market.
threat to the effective and efficient implementation of their strategy.
tool with limited value because many people are reluctant to place orders or send information electronically.
opportunity to improve their dialogue with customers and increase customer loyalty.

4. After years of selling in the consumer market, Dave accepted a job as a salesperson for a firm that markets its products in the B2B market. As he considers his new responsibilities, it's likely that he will (Points: 1)
find little difference between buyers in the consumer market and those in the business-to-business market.
discover that decision making in the B2B requires salespeople to be little more than order takers.
learn that industrial buyers generally require more personal service than buyers in the consumer market.
find that B2B buyers tend to purchase more on impulse than consumer buyers.

5. Comparing the business practices of the 1950s to those of today indicate that today's marketing managers: (Points: 1)
have a more ambitious goal of not just satisfying customers, but of exceeding their expectations.
are much more focused on mass marketing.
put less emphasis on earning a profit, since doing so makes it harder to satisfy the needs of the firm's stakeholders.
operate essentially the same as their predecessors.

6. Fischer Wholesale is working to improve each area of its business to achieve total customer satisfaction. For example, Fisher compares its accounting function, to a firm known as a world-class leader in accounting. Fischer Wholesale plans to do this comparison for all its activities. Fischer is attempting to improve its processes and procedures through: (Points: 1)
concept testing.
intra-industry analysis.
competitive benchmarking.
cross-functional analysis.

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