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computers came into widespread use in the 1950s mainly because they became
a. safer and easier to clean
b. slower and easier to use
c. smaller and faster
d. larger and more powerful

i don't know?

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    i think its C

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    First, your date is way off. Computer didn't come into widespread use until at least the late 1970s. My son graduated from a major university with a degree in engineering in 1978. He was the only one in his department in a major California company who had any experience with computers that year. My school system bought its first computers around 1980, and I bought mine (mainly for word processing) shortly after that. I didn't get on the internet until about 1996.

    I think your date should be 1980s (not 1950s) -- and your answer is correct.

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    i don't know , my book was saying the 1950s and so did my work..maybe its wrong, but thanks for the help!

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    A few excerpts from pages 8 & 9 of Scott Mueller's "Upgrading and Repairing PCs: 18th Edition"


    1952 The UNIVAC I delivered to the U.S. Census Bureau is the first commercial computer to attract widespread attention.


    1954 A silicon-based junction transistor, perfected by Gordon Teal of Texas Instruments, Inc., brings a tremendous reduction in costs.


    1955 Bell Laboratories announces the first fully transistorized computer, TRADIC.

    1956 MIT researches build the TX-0, the first general-purpose, programmable computer built with transistors.


    1958 Jack Kilby creates the first integrated circuit at Texas Instruments to prove that resistors and capacitors can exist on the same piece of semiconductor material.


    1959 Robert Noyce's practical integrated circuit, invented at Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp., allows printing of conducting channels directly on the silicon surface."

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