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in Charles Lindbergh and other heroes, Americans recognized
a. a hunger for fame
b. the virtues of the good old days
c. a willingness to compromise
d. the wildness of the American West


President Reagan's economic program was based on the theory of
a. tax and spend
b. consumer economics
c. Keynesian economics
d. supply-side economics


What important idea came out of the Nuremberg Trials?
a. Concentration camps are against the law
b. a nation must allow its people to emigrate
c. nazis denied German Jews their civil rights
d. individuals are responsible for their own actions


president Truman issued the Truman Doctrine in response to
a. soviet aggression in Poland
b. pressure by Comunists on Turkey and Greece
c. Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech
d. stalin's demands at the Potsdam Confrence


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