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1. The movie was scary.
2. The movie was scared.
(Which one is right?)

3. He was scary to them.
4. He was scared by them.
(Are both OK?)

5. She was scared at a lizard.
6. She scared at a lizard.
7. She was scary at a lizard.
8. She was scary to a lizard.
(What about the four sentences? Which ones are OK?)

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    1) The movies was scary
    3 & 4 both correct
    5 & 8 sound the best

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    Scary is an adjective modifying the subject. Scared is a verb.

    5 would be better as "She was scared by a lizard." It indicated that she was frightened.

    8 indicates that the lizard was frightened.

    A similar relationship exists with 3 and 4. In 3, they were frightened, and in 4, he was frightened.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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