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I am having the following problem: I need to calculate 2 Keq values based on the experiment that I conducted.

I reacted 0.082 moles of benzoic acid with 0.618 moles of methanol and obtained 0.055 moles of methyl benzoate.

When I calculate the first Keq based on the following equation:

((Benzoic Acid Initial - methyl benzoate) ^2) / ((Benzoic Acid I -( Benzoic Acid Initial- methyl benzoate)x (methanol - (benzoic Acid I- Methyl benzoate))

I get 0.022

For the second Keq values you swap methyl benzoate for benzoic acid final (0.019 grams - 0.000139552 moles)
....then I get 124 ...that can't be correct- especially when I'm asked if its between 1-10 and if my values agree. Help!!

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