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2.Which of the following sentences contain NC’s and which contain adverbial clauses?

a.Liz accepted [that she would never be a great opera singer. ](Noun Clause)
b.I’ll participate provided [that you listen to me.] (Noun Clause)
c.We waited [until the sun had set.] (Adverbial Clause)
d.Deb expected [that the foundation would collapse.] (Noun Clause)
e.The interviewer will hire him [if he makes a good impression.] (Adverbial Clause)

I have outline what I think are the adverbial or noun clauses by using the square brackets. I think, for the most part they're correct, but I'd like a second opinion.

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    Liz accepted ( a present)

    Liz accepted ( that she would never ,,,,)

    What is " a present"?
    The clause is used in the same way.

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