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I need help to know who said this quote. I don't have a textbook of the play, and I tried to search for it on google but it didn't help any. This is the quote "... most are busiest when they are most alone." Please help thanks.

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    I searched using Google's advanced search (exact phrase) and I'm told there are no results for this exact phrase.

    Therefore, it's not online.

    If it comes from R&J, you can go here and scan through the "modern translation" of the play:
    Choose R&J, then act I and scene 1, and use only the column on the right. Start scanning; no need to read closely. Go from scene to scene until you find what you're looking for. Once you find it, you can see the original wording in the left column.

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    Try this site.

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    So would the answer be: Benvolio?

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    Yes, sir!

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    That is Benvolio speaking to Lord Montague in Act I Scene I line 135;however, its wording varies accoring to publisher/translater. I'm an English teacher

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