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Suppose you are an event coordinator for a large performance theater. One of the hottest new Broadway musicals has started to tour, and your city is the first stop opn the tour. You need to supply information to anticipate staffing needs until the tickets sell out. You provide the manager with a quadratic equation that models the expected number of tickets sales for each day x. (x= 1 day tickets go on sale).

Tickets= -0.2x+12x+11

Does the graph of this eqution open up or down? How did you determine this

  • alagebra -

    you probably meant to type:
    Tickets= -0.2x^2 +12x+11 to have a quadratic

    for any quadratic, if the coefficient of the x^2 term is negative, the graph opens downwards, if it is positive, then upwards.

    Since your graph opens downwards, there has to be a maximum.

    try x = 29, 30, and 31

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