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Would this be a good introductory paragraph?

For several years, there has been an on-going debate over animal rights, animal testing, and where animals fit into our society. Whether or not they have morals, or if it's ethical to test them for the benefit of our own species, we do need to treat them with respect and provide them with the welfare that they deserve. To this day, there has not yet been a consensus by all as to where animals belong. While society does not view animals as having cognition, therefore placing them outside the moral community, they still do belong and are involved with the human community.

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    I do not believe their should be animal testing for unimportant stuff such as testing soaps , make -up etc. Really who are they to say that a animal does not have cognition. Example: my moms dog will not let my son go near it every since my son hit him with a stick, so obviously they remember something.

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    that's true.

    Animals do have cognition, but they don't have all aspects of it. They think more instinctively than planning for the future.

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    With this paragraph, you seem to indicate that you will cover three related but different topics:

    1. Animal rights

    2. Animal testing

    3. Where (how) animals fit into our society (Pets? Helpers like guide dogs or drug sniffers?)

    Are you going to cover all three of these areas?

    By the way, you will never get a "consensus by all" by humans on any topic.

    I hope this feedback is helpful. Thanks for asking.

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    Yes I'm covering all three areas.

    haha I know. That's one of my points for this paper too.

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