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please check my grammar, and please tell me which one I can change to imperfect, because I try to write some sentences in preterit, and some in imperfect, thank you!!!

Aprendí español porque quise mejorar mi español.

Visité los cuadros en el museo.

Comí traditional Guatemala comida.

Visité el pueblo de Santiago.

Iba a la isla aisalada.

Exploré las ruinas mayas.

Fui de compras en Chichicastenango mercado.

Visitaré las pirámides de Tikal.

Vi el parque arqueológico y ruinas de Quirigua.

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    First of all, do you have a PC or MAC? Learn how to make the accent marks or leave them out so I can guess what you are writing. Sorry, but I can NOT read the strange marks you have here. Please retype either with correctly made accent marks or leave them all out.
    tambien (e with accent) = también


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    P.S. Also, if you number the sentences it will be far easier to correct them.

    Imperfect = something WAS happenING, USED TO happen, happenED (over and over)

    aprendía el español = I was learning Spanish


    aprendí el español = I DID learn, I learnED Spanis h

    Action = Preterit
    Description = Imperfect


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    I was here again at 10:33. I'll be back tomorrow a.m. but it might be soon enough for you!


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