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can anyone please check my grammar for these sentences, thank you?

1. Before the plane started to move, I took a deep breath.
Antes de el avione empezó moverse, yo tomé respire hondo.

2. I felt a little bit nervous because it was my first time to fly by myself.
Me sentí un poco nerviosa porque era mi primera vez de volar por mi mismo.

3. I could feel that I was going in the air when the airplane took off.
Podía sentirme que me iba en el aire cuando el avión despegó.

4. When the airplane was landing, I felt that I was dropping from my seat.
Cuando el avión aterrizaba, me sentí que yo estaba pasando de mi asiento.

5. I ate snacks, listened to music, and read magazines on the plane.
Comí bocadillos, escuché música y leí revistas en el avión.

6. I took a nap while I was waiting for the plane to land.
Tomé una siesta mientras estaba esperando para el avión despegó.

7. I did word search because it kept me busy.
Hice la búsqueda de la palabra porque me mantuvó ocupada.

8. When I felt bored, I talked to other people on the plane.
Cuando me sentí aburrida, hablé con otras personas en el avión.

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    Looks Good!!

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    It's a good thing you provided the English, so I could be sure what you were trying to say:

    1. Antes de el avione empezó moverse, yo tomé respire hondo. = Very poor grammar. Before is a preposition and the only form of a verb to follow it is an infinitive. Get a good paper-back dictionary English--->Spanish/Spanish--->English. You then can verify the spelling = airplane for example, In the last part perhaps you were trying to say literally (word for word) I took a deep breath. Again, the dictionary would have provided the noun for breath.

    1. Antes de empezar a moverse el avión, tomé un aliento hondo. (check the word order)

    2. nerviosa = your screen name "No Name" doesn't tell me you are female, but since this adjective is the feminine form, you'd best be feminine too! Now check the very last word, for it should be misma.

    3. me iba = why reflexive? ir = to go but irse = to go away

    4. yo estaba pasando de mi asiento. = rather than "pasando" = cayendo (the English would be better with "falling" rather than "dropping."

    5. ¡perfecto!

    6. Tomé una siesta = (idiom) Eché una siesta...estaba esperando para el avión despegó. = esperar means to wait FOR, so do not add "para" and you could substitute the Imperfect = esperaba. Now, I don't know what Level Spanish you are in. This is said best with the Subjunctive, but have you studied that yet? (hasta que el avión aterrizara) = If that doesn't look like anything you have had yet (Past Subjunctive) OR "a que el avión aterrizara" but to land is aterrizar while to take off is despegar.

    7. mantuvó = tener, mantener, etc. in the Preterit have unstressed endings = mantuvo =with no accent."

    8. I talked to other people = only because the English says "to" you might change hablé con to les hablé a otras...


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