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thank you for helping me but i cant put two choices down so can you pick which is better please that will help me alot i will appreciate it so much. thank you. 1. Think again. You have received money = a, c It is a positive thing for y ou.

2. This is a negative thing for you. nsf = non sufficient funds; in other words the check is no good. b & d 4. This is a fee you must pay the bank for handling your account. b (you probably will write them a check) & d (they may just debit your account.

5. Actually the bank did d when they should not have. Once the bank realizes the mistake, it will be both a and c. if you can choose one answers please. i need help.

  • accounting srjmcgain -

    I'm going back to the original post to select only one.


  • accounting srjmcgain -

    P.S. Please go back to your original post.


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