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How do you calculate the volume of titrant needed to reach the endpoint of a reaction when you are given the mls and molarity of a strong base and only the molarity of a weak acid?

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    molarity= mols per litre

    so one one thousandth of the molarity is how much is in each mL.

    volume (in liters) * Molarity= mols altogether

    total mol* (# mol you need to even it out per mol of whatever youre titrating)= amount of mols youll need of the titrant.

    divide the molarity of the titrant by 1000 to see how many mols in one mL, divide the number you need over that, and you have the number of mL you should need.

    I think.


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    mLacid x Macid = mLbase x Mbase.
    You are given three of the four, calculate the fourth.

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    I understand this but i am confused becuase the problem uses a weak acid and strong base and the mLacid x Macid = mLbase x Mbase is for the equilibrium part put i am supposed to find the volume of titrant needed to reach the endpoint i think i am missing a concept. Please help

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