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9th grade algebra

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I've never seen a problem like this, please help.
I think we have the number part right but what would the unit be once the math is done?
Please show me how you came up with the answer so I will know for next time.

30 miles/1 ton x 5280 feet/1 mile x 1 hour/60 minutes x 1 minute/60 seconds

I really don't get this. Thank you

  • 9th grade algebra -

    Are you sure that does not start out as 30 miles/hr? If so, you would end up after doing the multiplication with the equivalent speed in ft/sec.

    Otherwise, it is 44 ft hr/ton*sec, which makes no sense

  • 9th grade algebra -

    what we have for an equation is what I put down. Thanks for the help.

  • 9th grade algebra -

    drwls I am dippy!! It should have been 30 miles/ 1 hour not 1 ton. That was part of the next question.

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