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Hopefully you can help me and I need this ASAP. I need this by tomorrow in the morning. You answer the questions if it decreases increases, expands or not. Also, can you explain it too?

This are what if situations. Don't answers don't have to be in depth. Just short and to the point. (This is an AP Economics class for a senior.

1. What happens to the aggregate supply if the price of copper decreases dramatically?

2.What happens to the aggregate supply if the US government enacts a 5% corporate profits tax?

3. What happens to the bank lending, supply of money, and aggregate demand if the Federal Reserve lowers reserve requirements to 1.25%?

4. What happens to the aggregate supply if the urban land rents increases dramatically in property boom?

5. What happens to the bank lending, supply of money, and aggregate demand if the Federal Reserve increases discount rate to 3.5%?

6. What happens to the supply of money, capital flow to the US, imports, and exports if the US inflation rises unexpectedly relative to Japan?

7. What happens to the demand of money, the supply of money, and interest rate if the US demands fewer Japanese goods?

Thank you so much.

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