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Algebra correction

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The last one which you were asking where the b came from I typed the wrong problem sorry.

the problem is 49-a^2b^2
Is the answer: (7+ab)-(7ab)

  • Algebra correction -


    the difference of two squares
    (sqrt first + sqrt second)(sqrt first - sqrt second)

  • Algebra correction -

    Check these by multiplying them out.

  • Algebra correction -

    How about answering your own question.

    will I get 49-a^2b^2 if I simplify (7+ab)-(7ab) ??

    now try (7 + ab)(7 - ab)

  • Thank you:):):) -

    Thank you now I understand how to check them to see if there right. Thanks Damon, and thanks Reiny.

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