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A person is standing 50meters away from a target whos center is 90cm off the ground. The height to the person's eyes is 66inches. Find the correct height for the target if the person is standing 4.5 meters from the target.

I have tried a couples times to solve this problem and each time I try a different method and get a different answer. Can someone tell me what they get when they solve? And how you did it? Thnx

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    what determines the "correct height" of the target?
    why are all the units in metric and the height of the person's eyes in inches?

  • algebra/trig -

    well I need to know the equivalent height of the target at 4.5meteres. I am given the information for the target and everything at 50m and I suposed to figure it out for 4.5m. I have to convert all the measurements into meters to solve. I need the height of the person's eyes to help determine the height of the target at 4.5 meters. I think I need to set up some type of triangle and solve but not sure how to get the right answer.

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