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1. Do you like sci-fi programs?
Do you like sci-fies?
Do you like sci-fis?
(Which one is correct? Are all OK?)

2. What is the difference between 'court' and 'courtroom'?

3. I like sci-fi programs because I am interested in what will happen in the future? Because of the advanced technology, in the future we will live in the world describes in comic books.

4. I like gardening programs because I like growing flowers and plants. Making a beautiful garden earning money would be great.

5. I like soap operas because I am interested in what is happening in our daily lives. I can learn a lot of lessons from soap operas.

6. I like detective programs because it is exciting to see the police chasing criminals and we can know what to do in such cases to protect ourselves.

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    #1 is best.

    "court" is what held in the room, which is "courtroom"

    #3. live in the world describes in comic = described, not describes

    #4. garden earning money = I'd add the word "and" = garden and earning...

    #6. Perhaps "learn" instead of "know" might be better.


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