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Can someone please look this synopsis over for errors.
Comparing Electronically Medical Records Companies:

Athenahealth is an (EMR) company with many benefits, and special features such as, speech recognition, making it easier for note taking and transcribing medical reports, and templates for creating and customizing your software, other features include reminder call (to verify appointments confirmations and reminders), and automatic billing. Athenahealth is an easy to use software subscription service that takes about twelve weeks of training and only requires a pc and internet browser to get started. This program is equipped with backup and also has a security system that requires password protection and includes the HIPAA privacy standards. Athenahealth’s cost is as low as nine dollars per patient account depending on the software chosen per month. This program may also be networked between other entities and network business.

MediWare an (EMR) company for more than 14 years is also a subscription –based service that comes with speech recognition, charting –by-exception, complete drug database, electronic prescribing, and medical spell checker. Mediware is easy to use database that requires updated windows 2003 with technical support and can be used in the office or on the road. This software also provides security backup and meets the HIPAA privacy rules and regulations. MediWare can range in price of three hundred forty five dollars to seventy five hundred dollars per month per provider according to the EMR features added.

Doctorspartner an (EMR) company too has special features such speech recognition, and a drug interaction program, which enables an entity to run a check on a drug in a patient’s documentation for verifying no adverse connections. This software also includes patient reminders, automatic billing, which only requires the minimal hardware to run. Doctorspartners is an easy to use program that comes with a training program and a security program with password protection, and also includes the HIPAA privacy rule and technical support. Doctorspartners offers an offsite backup program, code checkers (possible rejection before submitting the claim), and online signatures for an additional price other than the three hundred fifty dollars per month per provider fee, that can be used with a multiple of networks.

While researching several companies for a better deal I found that, they are similarities in several things, but major differences in others, depending on what a physician’s office requires for their needs to be met. Pending on the add-on purchased the greater the service, such as how much storage (patient records) your system will hold. Electronic Medical Records allows healthcare professionals to save time and money, while allowing them to better care for their patients.

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