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Is this right. Pro-War (Remember I'm against global peace) What else can I add about individuals wanting war because of the advancement of technolgy without using more examples of the technologys used. Thank You (All more worked is cited from those webpages)

Finally, war creates beneficial technology advancements. Technology plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of the war. Individuals support war because of major technology developments. Such advancements include logistical support which includes vehicles necessary for transporting soldiers and supplies, devices used for navigation, weaponry, surgical innovations, chemical medicines, and espionage. During war these technologies are utilized by those individuals serving our country so they can help them stay protected and then these advancements help people all over the world.

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    That looks great!

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    So its right.. How should I conclude that paragraph in a strong way.

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    Wars benefit mankind by discovering and producing new medicines and inventions.

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    What is another way I can word this sentence. I wrote this one.

    There are many contributing factors behind the position of being pro-war.

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    Wars bring many rewards for people around the world.

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