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Pro-war and economics. What are some reasons for that besides since their is a war going on those people fighting are employed so more jobs become available (I don't have a reason why or know if that's right)

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    That's a good start. More jobs are available because the government must buy guns, tanks, planes, amunition, so workers are needed to produce them. The government also must by providing the housing and food supplies for its armies.

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    To start my first one off I put First, pro-war diminishes overpopulation. How should I write this one because I don't want it to be the same.

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    Fighting a war puts money in the pockets of many people.

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    we can't use the word money How about fighting a war creates economic happiness for many people. Does that sound good?

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    Sure. :-)

    Or -- War increases the economic well-being of many people.

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