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I responded back to your last post that you didn't read. We can't use any statistics. I re-wrote what i had but can you please tell me what else I should put or how to make it stronger. Does it sound like I'm pro-war? I'm so confused right now. Thank you. I need to add a few more sentences but I don't know what.

First, pro-war diminishes overpopulation. Overpopulation is a great motivator for war, because during war many individuals are killed, physically resulting in a smaller population. War would eliminate the profound effects of having so many people in one area. War is recognized as a true epidemic disease because it kills more people in shorter periods of time than any other diseases. This unfolds by having less people packed into one little area without room to navigate. War would cut back on population tolls because those fighting for their country are losing their lives.

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    That looks good.

    If I remember correctly, you're against global peace. Your argument above provides one reason for being in favor of war.

    Other arguments include national pride, lack of physical resources, and need for more land.

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    Ya I'm against global peace but aren't I suppose to be in favor of war you said that my argument above provides one reason for being in favor of war. I appreciate your other arguements but do you have one more sentence that I can add to what I have above about pro-war and overpopulation. Thank You I have my other ones already that I'm going to use for that paragraph.

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    How about this concluding sentence?

    War is the ultimate solution for overpopulation.

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