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I'm not sure if I understood these correctly can someone help?

Et il a mis ses poings devant sa figue et il a commence a danser tout autour d'Eudes commes les boxurs a la tele chez Clotaire, d'ailleurs nous on n'en a pas encore et moi je voudrais bien que papa achete une.

He puts his fists in front of his face and began to danse around Eudes like the boxers on the television. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN AFTER THAT?

Eudes: Qu'est-ce que lui prend?

What does he want to take??????

Geoffroy: Il veut faire de la boxe acex toi, gros malin!

He wants to box with you big one???

Nicolas: Il a repondu en lui donnat la main. Elle avait tort de s'inquieter, parce que les parents de DjoDjo ont dû penser qu'il avait appris tout le français don't il avait besoin. La preuve c'est que Djodjo n'est plus revenu a l'ecole.

He responded and gave her his hand. Elle had been wrong to get upset because Djodjo's parents would think he learned all the french he needs. WHAT DOES THE REST MEAN?

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    It is past tense = He put his fists in front of his face (figure) and began to dance all around Eudes like boxers (boxeurs) on the television at Clotaire's house, besides us, one doesn't still have any, and as for me, I would really like Papa to buy one.

    Qu'est-ce que lui prend? = Please copy carefully because this makes no sense as it is. Perhaps it is asking "What is one taking him?"

    He wants to box with you (avec toi), big sly one.

    Nicolas: He answered (donnant) giving her his hand. She was wrong in getting upset, because Djodjo's parents must think that he learned all the French he needed. The proof is that Djodjo returned to school no more.

    Just what is this from?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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