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Intergovernmental Relations

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I am doing a paper on the balance of power between federal local and state governments in the even of a national disaster. One of the questions posed to me was Should the federal government's superior financial resources supersede concerns about overcentralization.

I feel that it should not, overcentralization means to much power in the center. i don't really fully understand the question as it relates to national disasters.

if you could explain the question to me maybe i can go further with my response

thanks in advance

  • Intergovernmental Relations -

    The question is asking which type of government can bring help to people in the event of a national disaster. The keyword in that statement is "national."

    Think about the tragedies of 9/11 and the flooding of New Orleans. In order to keep the country safe, the federal government had to act to prevent further terrorist attacks. And Louisiana is a poor state with few financial resources or efficiency in delivering aid to its residents. Since people in poor states have as much right to relief and safety as those in rich states, it makes sense to me that the federal government have the power to act and overrule any state or local objections.

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