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In order to handle a hot pizza of mass 1.0 kg, a cook slides a
light (i.e., of negligible mass) but stiff spatula of length 2.0 m
from the right hand to the center of the pizza, which he then
carries horizontally with both hands. His right hand is at one
end of the pole (point A); his left hand is at a distance 0.50 m
farther down the pole (point B); and the pizza is at the other

a. Draw a diagram of the spatula showing the forces acting on it. Make sure to label
the force vectors and to draw them with correct approximate lengths. [You will
need to solve parts b and c of this problem to determine these lengths.]

b. Determine the force exerted by the left hand on the spatula at point B.

c. Determine the force exerted by the right hand on the spatula at point A.

d. In which direction is the force exerted by the right hand?

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