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I just did a lab on Acids and Bases and I am having trouble with the lab questions I was given to complete.

Concentration of NaOH: 0.09999 M
Volume of NaOH: 3.25 mL
# moles of NaOH: 0.325 moles
Initial Concentration of Weak Acid: ? (How do we calculate this)

Part 2: Hydrolysis of Salts
a) Potassium Chloride has a pH of 7 and a yellow-green universal colour indicator. Explain with an equation to show hydrolysis
b) Sodium Acetate has a pH of 8 and a dark green universal colour indicator. Explain using equation
c) Ammonium Chloride has a pH of 5.5 and orange universal colour indicator. Explain using equations.

Part III: Buffers
Concentration of acetic acid (0.1 M volume used) : 20 mL
Concentration of sodium acetate (0.1 M volume used) : 25 mL
Concentration of hydrochloric acid (0.1 M volume used) : 5 mL

pH Measured of buffer solution: 4.55
pH Measured of buffer +5 mL of 01 M HCl: 4.20
We have to now determine the pH calculated for both solutions above.

I would greatly appreciate the help or any guidance to these questions. Thanks!

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