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Quadratic Equations

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The height of a triangle is 1 in. more than twice the base. Find the base and the height if the area of the triangle is 52-1/2 sq in. (Please provide steps/explanation to solve this problem.)

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    lets the height of the triangle h, and the base is b

    first sentence means h = 1 + 2b

    Area of the triangle formula is

    A = 1/2(b*h)

    since h = 1 + 2b

    then A = 1/2 [ b * (1+2b)]

    then you just need to replace the A with the given number and solve for b. After you find b, substitute b into h = 1+ 2b to find h

    good luck

  • Quadratic Equations -

    Thanks for the help. :)

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