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Percussion instruments form one family of musical instruments. the word'percussion' means 'striking'. Percussion insruments make sound when you strike them.
A drum is a percussion instrument. It has a thin piece of material, called a drum-head, stretched over a hollow piece of wood or metal. When you strike the drum head, it vibrates. this make the air around the drum vibrate. It also makes the air inside the drum vibrate. The vibrations inside the drum bounce back and forth, somewhat like an echo. These vibrations are the sound that we hear.
cymbals are also percussion instruments. they make a loud,clashing sound when they are hit together.

in the above passage which of the following statements are TRUE.

a. percussion instruments make sound when you strike them.

b. A drum makes a sound when you strike it.

c. The drum-head is a piece of wood or metal.

d. When you strike the drum-head air inside the drum vibrates.

e the vibrations inside the drum are similar to an echo.

f. The vibrations of the air around the drum produces the sound we hear.

g. Cymbals, like drums are also percussion instruments.

h.The sound produced by cymbals is similar to the sound produced by drums.

i. Cymbals produce sound when they are hit together.

j. percussion instruments belong to family of musical instruments.

My answers are a, d, e, f, i, j. whether these are correct or not. please help me.

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    what instrument vibrates when you blow into it?

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