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how did president eisenhower domestic policy reflect that of his republican predecessors coolidge and hoover? he favoed a national health plan.

truman fair deal aimed to. appeal to conservative republican

eisenhower and his administration wholly supported. labors unions

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    I believe all of your answers are wrong.

    If this is a multiple choice assignment, please repost with the choices of answers.

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    how did president eisenhowr domestic policy reflect that of his prpublican predecessors coolidge and hoover?
    a. he favored a national health plan.
    b. he favored big business.
    c. he encouraged the growth of unions.
    d. he discouraged highway building.

    truman fair deal aimed to
    a. appeal to conservative republicans.
    b. greatlyshrink the federal govergement.
    c. revoke most new deal program.
    d. extend the new deal goals.

    eisenhower and his administration wholly supported
    a. labor unions.
    b. adlai stevenson.
    c. increased government spending.
    d. big business.

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    Republicans have never favored a national health plan or labor unions.

    Truman continued and enlarged on Roosevelt's programs.

    Eisenhower was a Republican. Only one of these choices reflect Republican policies.

    Please try again, and we'll check your answers.

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    1. how did president eisenhower domestic policy reflect that of his prpublican predessors coolidge and hoover? he favored big business.

    2. truman fair deal aimed to. extend the new deal goals.

    3. eisenhower and his administration wholly supported. increased government spending

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    Your first two are correct! :-)

    Although Eisenhower started the interstate highway system, he didn't want to increase government spending. One thing the new highways did was provide a lot of business for the large companies supplying the labor and materials.

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    eisenhower and his administration wholly supported. big business

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    Right! :-)

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    1. which of the following best decribes the beatnils of the 1950's?
    a. they valued american middle-class culture above divers cultural heritages.
    b. they rebelled against conformity and traditional social patterns.
    c. they organized campaigns against racial injustice.
    d. they worked to revive organized religion.
    answer is b

    2. fair deal goals included all of the following except
    a. increased power for congress
    b. housing assistance.
    c. national health insurance.
    d. a higher minimum wage.
    answer is a

    3. william j. levitt contrbuted to the growth of suburbs by
    a. mass-producing houses.
    b. providing low-interest mortgage loans.
    c. criticizing urban life.
    d. designing interstate highways
    answer is a

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    All are correct! Yay! :-)

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