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Please write a one paragraph abstract arguing for or against one of the following statements: Hormone replacement therapy is carcinogenic Water fluoridation causes bone cancer Regulation of carcinogens should take hormesis into account Aneuploidy, not oncogenes, should be the focus of cancer research Use of cell phones increases your risk of cancer Your paper must be typed and submitted on the SPARK site. It must be written in the following format: There must be a thesis sentence that indicates your position for or against the therapy or procedure. This must be followed by a sentence listing the types of evidence to support the thesis sentence. [For example, “Chemical A should not be added to the food supply. This conclusion is supported by the results of toxicological studies, and cohort epidemiological studies, as well as our society’s need to adhere to the precautionary principle.”] You then will include three or four additional sentences elaborating on the evidence, with one sentence for each type of evidence or aspect of the argument. A concluding sentence should be included as you see fit. Sources of information. Your sources should be peer-reviewed, meaning that other experts have examined the text and concluded that the text should be published. You should consult the PubMed and Web of Science databases on the DuBois Library web site. Peer-reviewed internet sources may only be used if you can attribute the name of a person or persons to the internet text, or if it has been written or published by a government agency, eg. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All of your sources should be cited as follows. In the text of your paragraph you will include the name of the person, and the year of publication, e.g. (Smith, 2004). At the end of the text you will put the full citation, eg. Smith, M.F. 2004. Chemicals in the food supply. International Journal of Food Chemistry. 23: 22-35. or if it is from a book: Smith, M.F. 2004. Chemicals in the FooD

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