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Franklin Roosevelt put together a coalition of different groups that became the backbone of the Democratic Party for the next thirty years. FDR’s Democratic Party coalition included all of the following EXCEPT
A. Southerners
B. urban political machines
C. Suburbanites
D. labor
E. Blacks

iS the answer B

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    You may need to type the answer choices, since copying and pasting didn't seem to work.

    Also, please tell us which answer you think is correct.

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    the choices are

    A. Southerners D. urban political machines

    B. Suburbanites E. labor
    C. Blacks

    I think it is D

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    D. urban political machines

    E. labor

    I think it is D

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    Sorry, but D is not the answer.

    Check the first paragraph of this article.


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    so would it be C

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    Blacks is a racial minority. So C is wrong.

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