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Can someone please check my work?

What are these people doing? Use elements from each bracket to write three complete sentencs.

(nosotras)--(aprender)---(el almuerzo)
(usted)-----(compartir)--(una carta)
(yo)--------(escribir)---(el español)

1. Nosotras aprendemos el español/.
2. Usted comparte tu el almuerzo/.
3. Yo escibo una carta/.

Write sentences to descibe what these people are doing/.

1. Julia/beber un refresco
Julia bebe un refesco/.

2. María y yo/escribir en el pizarrón
María y yo escribimos en el pizarrón/.

3. tú/aprender el español
Tú aprendes el español/.

4. yo/hacer mucha tarea
Yo hago mucha tarea/.

You and your friends always buy lunch at the cafeteria. Write three complete sentneces about what food and drink is i the cafeteria and what you and your friends eat and drink. Do you share anything?

Hay sándwiches, leche, hamburguesas, jugo, refrescos y papas fritas/. Mis amigos comen sándwiches de jamón y queso y beber jugo/. Yo como una hamburguesa y beber refresco/. Mis amigos y yo, nosotros compartimos las papas fritas/.

Are they correct/. If not, what can I change?

Muchas Gracias!

PS. Don't mind the forward slashes. It said I was not allowed to post internet addresses. But I have none!!

  • Spanish -

    In the first #2, get rid of "tu" because the subject is Usted.

    1-4 are all fine.

    In the paragraph: y beber jugo/.= you must also conjugate the 2nd verb. Mis amigos comen...y beben. Also in the next one: Yo como.....y bebo un refresco. (It's better with "un" in front of the noun, refresco.


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