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I have to write a term paper for two classes. the teachers are letting us students write only one but the topic has to be scientific. It is going to be 10-12 pages long double spaced. I was thinking Hydroponics but I am worried that I might get bored after 5 pages... Any ideas Out there???

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    Since you seem to be interested in hydroponics, this would be a good choice for you. To keep from getting bored, read through these articles.

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    I have had a hydroponic garden for 25 years and do not consider it boring. It is not as easy as they say. Some plants do well; some don't. Insects are still a problem, even in containers 4 feet off the ground. Water timing cycles, when to plant what, what kind of nutrients to use.. there are a lot of things to be worked out.

    There is a big underground industry of illegal indoor hydroponics. I am not part of that.

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    Well its great to hear that your not a part of an illegal indoor hydroponics but thank you Ms. Sue for the websites they helped a lot and drwls your answer gave me ideas for my paper. Its not due till the end of April. Thanks all and if anyone has any other ideas go ahead and give them ill still be open for other ideas

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