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Could you please tell me when I need to use:"Je ferai un voyage en France" and
when "Je vais faire un voyage en France"
I know both of these forms express the future (and I know the English translation for both), but when should one use which?
Also, I know that it is "puis-je?" but would it be terribly wrong to say:
"suis-je?" Does it HAVE to be:
"est-ce qu je suis?"
"ai-je?" or "est-ce que j'ai?"

Thank you so much.

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    I believe "Je ferai un voyage en France" implies a more specific trip than "Je vais faire un voyage en France". Also, I have seen usage of suis-je before, so I think any noun-verb inversion is permissible.

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    Thank you.

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    So is it maybe:"Un jour je ferai un voyage en France" and
    "Je vais faire un voyage en France en été."???
    And, if that is so, does that hold true for every verb?
    Like "je te donnerai un livre" and
    "je vais te donner un livre demain."

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    "Un jour, je ferai un voyage en France" and
    "Je vais faire un voyage en France cet été" (Replace "en été" with "cet été" in you're speaking about the summer to come)
    ("En" implies "in" summer. Whereas "cet" translates to "this summer")

    And yes, both your other sentences are correct as well.
    It's just a different tense.

    Also, suis-je and puis-je (though both correct) are not the same thing at all.
    Puis-je is "can I?"
    and suis-je is "am I?"

    For example;
    "Puis-je avoir un verre?" (Can I have a glass)

    "Suis-je en retard?" (Am I late)

    Ai-je works as well.
    "Ai-je tout?"
    (Do I have everything?)

    hope that helps!

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    Thank you, Isabelle.
    Yes, I do know that puis-je and suis-je do not have the same meaning; (pouvoir and être, respectively.) What I meant is that I know one can say "puis-je" but in my book it gives the other form(with "est-ce que")for the first person singular with all the other verbs. That is why I was wondering if the inversion for "je" would not be used for any verbs other than "pouvoir".

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