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Okay, I recently made a post about converting the homework help section into a homework help forum. I have heard that many tutors have suggested this but there were some problems that occurred. What do you guys think? I want to here opinions from all the tutors and students that casually post on here. This is kind of neat, maybe if we sign our names here and petition for it, it might go through.

Pros of converting to forum:
1. Homework questions and answer will be more organized because of section dividers in the forum.

2. Everything will be alot more easier to navigate through. You can have a much better view on things and keep up with unanswered questions, or reply to previous questions more easier.

3. Jiskah has about a billion pages of questions, and it's very painful to go back and search for what you need. With a forum however, it would be such a breeze.

4. Tutors and Administrators can keep an eye out for double posters. Since a forum requires people to register, we would have less annoying spamming going on. Users are required to log in, this will most definately reduce less spam.

5. Students can manage their answered questions more easily, and tutors will never miss a reply on a post ever again.

6. There should be a Rule post stickied on the forum for all the new commers to read. Also, when registering, maybe an end-user agreement would be made ( I doubt anyone will read that, but hey, most forums have that).

The Cons:
1. It's a little bit troublesome to keep constantly logging into the forums, BUT there is always the that option of "always remember password" on the forum so it's no big deal.

2. DrBob22 said "We want to keep anonymity and almost any kind of forum gives emails, IMs etc. That makes the board vulnerable to the evils that lurk out there in regard to predators and that kind of thing. The way it operates now, you can't get in touch with me and I can't get in touch with you (except, of course, by writing a note on this homework page)" and in reponse to that, the forum can hide all user's email and IM's very easily if the administrator approves of it. Also, there is always the option of only tutors emailing each other.

This is my thoughts on this. I've had this suggestion for awhile now, but I just never thought of suggesting it. What can we do to get the change made? This change might be made if the majority of the tutors and students vote on it. This is also a neat project for me. This is like passing a bill and voting on it to become a new law or something, kinda neat.

  • Final thought+Suggestion -

    You have some good ideas -- many of which we have discussed in the past.

    First -- if you're looking for questions on one subject, you can click on that subject on the left. Also -- my experience in a previous homework forum was that many students posted their questions in the wrong place. Also -- there's often overlap between disciplines.

    One of the advantages of Jiskha is that it's easy to use, especially for the occasional or first time visitor. I personally am turned off by having to register on a forum.

    To find old posts, you can type in two or three keywords in the search box and often find the post you need.

    Thanks for your suggestions. We'll consider them.

  • Final thought+Suggestion -

    Yeah I get your point Ms. Sue, but alot of students post their questions more than once, and so much students post at one time that the people that posted first gets their questions ignored or that's what I think happens. We can have volunteer moderators move the post that doesn't belong in the section to where it is suppose to go. That maybe be a hassel, but atleast it's neat. Those are just some of my ideas.

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