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Can someone check this for me please.

Report these spoken remarks to a freind, making the necessary changes.

1. I live it
a. she....said that she loves it.
2. I am leaving in half an hour.
a. He said that he's leaving in half an hour.
3. The rain has stopped.
a. You.. said the rain has stoped.
4. He said Iv'e been playing it for 2 hours.
a. He said he has been playing it for 2 hours.
5. I had breakfast earlier.
a. She said ate breakfast earlier?
a. She said she had eaten breakfas earlier?
6. Where you living in London in 96
a. She asked if you were living in London in 96.
7. I have bought three pizzas
a. He has bought 3 pizzas.
8. I'd been waiting for 30 minutes.
a. You said you had been waiting for 30 minutes.
9. We'll be in Bangkok in July.
a. They will be in Bangkok in July.
10. Will you be coming back.
a. She asked if you will be coming back.

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    #1 = ??

    #3a - no periods after "You" and watch the spelling of "stopped."

    #4 - watch spelling of "I've"

    #5a - Where's the subject for "ate"?

    Second #5a - watch spelling

    #6 and 6a - When referring to a date with the first two digits missing, use an apostrophe (1996 = '96).

    #7a - He said....??

    The rest look fine.

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