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I just read the following in one of my books: "Je suis importateur d'objets d'art de France et du Maroc."
I am wondering why it is "du Maroc" but not "de la France".
Thank you for your explanation.

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    The way it is used here is to show that the "art pieces" were made in either France or Maroc

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    But why does it use DE France (without the article) but DU Maroc?

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    I understand your question. It has to do with the countries that require definite articles:

    Feminine Countries, Continents, Provinces
    l'Algérie = Algeria
    l'Allemagne, Germany
    l'Angleterre = England
    l'Argentine = Argentina
    l 'Autriche - Austria
    la Belgique - Gelgium
    la Chine = China
    l'Ecosse = Scotland
    l'Espagne = Spain
    la France = France
    la Grande-Bretagne = Great Britain
    la Hongrie = Hungary
    l 'Inde = India
    l'Irlande = Ireland
    l 'Italie = Italy
    la Norvège = Norway
    la Pologne = Poland
    la Roumanie = Rumania
    la Russie = Russia
    la Swède = Sweden
    la Suisse = Switzerland
    la Tunisie = Tunisia
    ;a Turquie Turkey

    l'Afrique = Africa
    l'Amérique = America
    l 'Amérique du Nord = North America
    l'Amérique du Sud = South America
    l'Asie = Asia
    l'Australie = Australia
    l'Europe = Europe

    l'Alsace = Alsace
    la Bourgogne = Burgundy
    la Bretagne = Brittany
    la Champagne = Champagne
    la Corse = Corsica
    la Flandre = Flander
    la Lorraine = Lorraine
    la Normandie = Normandy
    la Provence = Provence

    Masculine Countries

    le Brésil = Brazil
    le Canada = Canada
    le Chili = Chile
    le Danemark = Denmark
    les Etats-Unis = the United States
    le Japon = Japan
    le Maroc = Morocco
    le Mexique = Mexico
    le Pakistan = Pakistan
    les Pays-Bas = the Netherlands
    le Pérou = Peru
    le Portugal = Portugal

    Mountains and Waterways

    les Alpes (f.) = the Alps
    le Jura = the Jura Mountains
    les Pyrénées (f.) = the Pyrenees
    les Vosges (f.) = the Vosges Mountains
    le mont Blanc = Mount Blanc
    la Garonne = the Garonne River
    la Loire = the Loire
    le Rhin = the Rhine
    le Rhône = the Rh one
    la Seine = the Seine
    la Manche = the English Channel
    la mer Méditerranée = the Mediterranean Sea


    le Havre = Havre
    la Nouvelle-Orléans = New Orleans

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    P.S. To finish answering your question, with à + any definite article = à la, à l' au , aux AND with de = de la, de l', du, des

    Because "France" uses no article = de France but because it is "le Maroc" it must be "du Maroc.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    Thank you very much for the explanation.I didn't realize that "France" uses no article; I thought it was "la France" and "le Maroc".
    Merci encore une fois!!

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    Thank you also so very much for all the above information as to the gender of the countries, mountains and waterways.
    I truly appreciate all your help!!!

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