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Hi Guru,
Getting through this thing a bit better now.

My problem right now is I have spent a couple of hours searching for a site that can give me more information on the different catagories of begginer learners.

Any links you may know of that can help please.

I need to write a brief description on the types. The material I have been supplied to read up on this is not sufficient. It only goes on a little about the types.
As I have no experience as such, I am looking for something with some real meat in it to digest.
All I have been able to find so far is sad.

Thanks guru

  • Guru Blue -

    IslandBoy, I have made a leap of faith and "assumed" that you are talking about beginning learners of English.
    If this is what you are looking for I can get you a bunch of good ones.
    This is a super ESL site:$8

  • Guru Blue -

    Here is something I used to do the first day of class each year. We discussed the "types of learners" because I was teaching foreign language. When each student knew what kind of learner he/she was, it was easier to learn. Here are some highlights:

    1. There are auditory learners, who learn best by hearing what they wish to learn. That's why each student had a hand-held tape recorder, or were free to use the ones I had in the room. (Before I'm finished, I'll tell you how they used that tape recorder.)

    2. There are visual learners, who need to see what they want to learn. Color-coding with that bilious green, yellow, orange, etc. high-lighter helps "set" something in the "mind's eye."

    3. There are kinesthetic learners, and, although they have the most difficult time learning something, they remember it far longer. I, unfortunately, am one of those types of learners! That means it is necessary to be physically involved in the learning. That could include tracing, "walking" through something on the floor, TPR (Total Physical Response), etc.

    Now for how to use the tape recorder. Put what you want to learn on the tape, words, short phrases, etc. with a space afterwards. With a foreign language, it was best to have a native-speaker model so the pronunciation, intonation would be correct. At first the student only practiced "passive listening" which is as close to "osmosis" as you can get. Next, the student would repeat in that space. Still later, the student would "read" or "see" what was said. Then, the last step in learning (after listening, repeating, reading) comes writing. Now the student would use that space like dictation, writing down what had been heard.

    The attention span is important = how long each person can concentrate before the mind wanders. But this kind of study eventually hits every type of learner. Oh yes, many people are a combination of the 3 types of learners.

    Hopefully, this will be something you can consider.


    P.S. In other words, as many of the 5 senses you can touch, the better.

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