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is this right? 5/2x + 1/4x = 5/4 + x
(2/2)5/2x + 1/4x= 5/4 + x,
10/4x + 1/4x= 5/4 + x, 11/4x= 5/4 +x'
10/4x-x = 5/4 + x - x, 6/4 x = 5/4, (4/6)6/4x= 5/4(4/6),
x= 5/6.

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    assume you mean:
    (5/2)x + (1/4)x = 5/4 + x
    or 5x/2 + x/4 = 5/4 + x

    multiply both sides, all terms, by 4
    10 x + x = 5 + 4 x
    7 x = 5
    x = 5/7

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