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I need to know if these two statements are always true, AT; sometimes true, ST; or never true, NT. Thanks!

10. A mole of carbon atoms has a mass approximately three times as great as the mass of a mole of helium atoms.

11. The gram molecular mass of nitrogen is 14.0g.

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    I don't know how to answer but I'll give you information and let you choose.
    10. A mole of carbon atoms has a mass of 12.011 grams and a mole of He atoms has a mass of 4.002602 grams. In my book, 12.011 is approximately 3 x 4.002602 but it all depends upon how approximate you are being. You be the judge.
    11. Nitrogen occurs in the free state as N2, not as N; therefore, the gram atomic mass is 14.0 and the gram molecular mass is 14.0 x 2 = 28.0 grams.

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