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Physical Science

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I need help with this problem because it is confusing me. I tried to anwer it, though, so can someone please correct me if I am wrong?

Suppose your mass is 45 kg and the mass of your little brother is 25 kg. You push your brother +100 N and an equal but opposite force of -100 N is returned to you. Use the formula F=m/a to compute acceleration.
The work:
a= -100 N/45 kg
a= (-100 kg* m/s2)/45= -2 m/s2
So your acceleration is -2 m/s2

a= 100 N /25 kg
a= (100 kg* m/s2)/25 kg= 4 m/s2
So your little brother's acceleration is 4 m/s2

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    Those answers are correct

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