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Question: Chloroform, CHCl3, a volatile liquid was once used an anesthetic but has ben replaced by safer compounds. chloroform has a normal boiling point at 61.7 degree C and has a heat of vaporization of 31.4 kj/mol. compute its vapor pressure at 36.2 degree C?

Is the equation ln(p)= -Delta Hvap/RT + C. So than you plug in the numbers and get -31.4 kj/mole/ 8.31* (61.7+273.15) + 36.2 degree C. Is this how you solve for this problem. Did i plug in correctly?

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    I would use the full form of the Clausius-Clapeyron equation, i.e.,
    ln(p2/p1) = etc.

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    I got 89.1 mmHg.

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