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I'm working on a statistics project and need to evaluate the expected value using hypergeometric distribution. I am unsure which variable to assign with value in the probability and expected values for the following data: "you work for a manufacturer who receives regular supplies from a supplier, the current acceptance sampling scheme involves sampling 20 units, if more than 2 units are defective the lot is rejected.Assumptions are that the lot size is always 500 and that 4% of units produced by the supplier are defective." In the simulation fuction for the current scheme we are evaluating 1000 shipments loads. Then asked to calculate fraction of incoming lots expected rejected and in comparison to simulation results.... I'm really just lloking to what parts I include in my calculation and variable bearing they hold on hypergeometric distribution functions.

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    haha i googled the question looking for help and found this, i am probably in your same class, is your project due wednesday?

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