grade 9 math slope equations

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solve and comparison:


im so lost!!!!!

  • grade 9 math slope equations -

    multiply the first by 3 to get
    12x - 27y = 12 or 12x = 27y + 12

    multiply the second by 2 to get
    12x + 30y = -13 or 12x = -30y - 13

    now "compare" the 12x of the first part with the 12x of the second part to get

    27y + 12 = -30y - 13

    "elimination" would be the more practical way of doing this one.
    just subtract my two altered equations

  • grade 9 math slope equations -

    why do you hav to multiply it by three though?

  • grade 9 math slope equations -

    I wanted the x's to have the same coefficient.
    you had
    4x .... and
    6x ....

    think of finding a "common denominator"

    and remember, what I do to one side of any equation, I must do to the other side.

  • grade 9 math slope equations -

    thank u so much !!!!!!

  • grade 9 math slope equations -

    i'm so dead!

  • grade 9 math slope equations -

    Type the ordered pair that is the solution to these equations.3x - 2y = 8 2x + 5y = -1.

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