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French Cuisine (Check)

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Can someone check my work?

The evolution of French cooking has seen many different changes, where French Medieval cuisine involved great preparation and presentation. Sauces at this time were thick and full of seasonings. The French cooked very ornate and lavish food that was often also heavily spiced. During the French Revolution, cooking seamed to become less about spices and more about refined techniques. This food movement differed from Medieval/Renaissance cooking in that it stressed the natural flavors of foods rather than intense spices and sugars.
Before the Revolution, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries…the haute cuisine served to express courtly aristocratic lifestyles. Only cooking and eating that demonstrated wealth, luxury, and pomp could accomplish this goal and distinguish the aristocracy in no uncertain terms from the poor.
After the Revolution though, the new idea of ‘Equality’ took root. And this new ideal of fraternity could be achieved by common dining in the streets. The rich and poor could be united, and all ranks would mix…the capital, from one end to the other, would be one immense family. And you would a see a million people all seated at the same table. The primary effect of ‘Equality’ was to dissolve the equation of cuisine and class. Henceforward, cuisine of a kind seen as the prerogative of royalty and nobility would be available to anyone who could afford to pay for it.

Is there anything wrong with it? Does it make sense? If something is not right, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

  • French Cuisine (Check) -

    wow, it sounds really good
    but i think there might be a few spelling or grammatical errors, i found one:like 'seamed' which should be 'seemed'

  • French Cuisine (Check) -

    Good job! Also, the only error was caught by "Physics" = seemed. However, please take another look at the very first sentence. At first I thought you had begun a 2nd sentence after where. Don't you think it reads a bit strangely? Other than that, you did an excellent job.

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French Cuisine (Check) -

    hi i was wondering if you could help me with the french cuisine of origin, evolution and contemporary food.

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