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I need a word to describe children in the sense that they are pure. Pure as in they don't hate, they don't judge people based on colour or race. It has to be a very powerful word.

My sentance was going something like: Children as a reflection of ____________.

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    Get a good dictionary or thesaurus and look for synonyms for "pure:"

    clean, freshclean, clear, light, uncloudedfinenativeplain, sheer, unmingled, unmixedpristinesublimateunadulteratedunalloyeduncontaminated, unpollutedvirginal
    Also See: clean#6; processed#3

    Sense 2:
    arrant(prenominal), complete(prenominal), consummate(prenominal), double-dyed(prenominal), everlasting(prenominal), gross(prenominal), perfect(prenominal), pure(prenominal), sodding(prenominal), stark(prenominal), staring(prenominal), thoroughgoing(prenominal), utter(prenominal), unadulterated
    unmitigated (vs. mitigated)
    Sense 3:
    saturated (vs. unsaturated), pure
    intense, vivid
    Sense 4:
    harmonious (vs. inharmonious)
    Sense 5:
    theoretical (vs. applied)
    Sense 6:
    pure (vs. impure)
    immaculate, undefiledwhite
    Also See: chaste#1

    Sense 7:
    pure, vestal, virgin, virginal, virtuous
    chaste (vs. unchaste)


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    My sentance was going something like: Children as a reflection of ____________.

    Whatever word you choose, be sure to do whatever it takes to make that a real sentence. Right now it's not a sentence; it's a fragment along the lines of an advertising slogan.

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