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I need help with my peer review

What is the main point of this essay?
What is the greatest strength of this essay?
Does the introduction grab your interest and make you want to read on? Explain your answer.
What material does not seem to fit the main point of the essay or does not seem to be appropriate for the audience?
Where should the author add more details or examples? Explain your answer.
Where is the writing unclear or vague?
What is your favorite part of this piece of writing?
What other comments can you provide for the author?

Healthy Foods and Its Benefits

It is commonly known that there are foods that improve health when eaten. It is almost equally known that there are also foods that can drastically affect the body negatively if not avoided. It would seem like an easy goal, given the pros and cons between eating healthy and eating unhealthy, but it is a surprisingly difficult task. Over the years, the diet of Americans has changed and the variety seems to include more fast food. The fact that these kinds of foods are offered on practically every corner makes the urge to resist them much more difficult.
Another obstacle many people seem to face, and are often defeated by, is consistency. The added amount of pressure for time can also become a big problem when trying to adapt healthier eating habits. When a decision is made to make an effort to eat healthy foods, willpower and time management can mean the difference between success and failure.
Adapting the appropriate diet requires planning and determination and an effort to include a variety of foods into meals. A problem many people may overlook in their choices of food is weather the appropriate nutrient needs are met. Each food group requires a specific nutritional goal, an efficient way to keep track of the amount of nutrients consume is to keep a journal in which you write down everything that you eat and drink for a week or two. Once that is done, it will be easier to see how much of each food group you consume and weather it meets or exceeds the nutritional requirements. Living a healthier lifestyle takes plenty of effort but the benefits encouraging.

The benefits of maintaining healthy eating habits can be life changing. Healthy eating can help lower the risk of diseases such as; Diabetes, atherosclerosis (the build-up of fatty substance in the coronary arteries) and other heart diseases unhealthy foods can cause. To reduce risk of heart disease, eating the right foods is essential. Steps such as; less fat, sodium, and calorie intake is necessary. While fat is an essential part of the diet, many people eat more fat than is needed, or is healthy for them. Saturated fats are especially dangerous because they raise bad cholesterol (LDL Low Density Liopoprotein), and can block the arteries that lead to the heart. There is such a thing as good fats and they include omega-3 fatty acids, these fats are found in oily fish such as herring and tuna. Omega -6 fats are also good and are found in nuts, seeds, and many vegetables. These types of foods help keep the arteries healthy and raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL High Density Lipoprotein.)
High- levels in fat in the diet can lead to obesity as well as heart and circulatory diseases.
Eating healthy can also strengthen the immune system. The immune system protects the body by helping it fight disease and recover from them. Antioxidants found in foods contribute to making the immune system perform at its best. Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidant and helps the immune system by aggressively reacting to cancer cells. The best sources for Vitamin C are in broccoli, citrus fruits, green peppers and cantaloupes. Vitamin E is also an important antioxidant. This nutrient helps the immune system by slowing the symptoms of aging and strengthens the cells in the body that helps fight infections. The best sources for this antioxidant can be found in vegetable oils and whole grain foods. Lymphocytes help to strengthen the immune system as well, they are produced by an antioxidant called Carotenoids, which is found in tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins and leafy green foods. There are various types of Carotenoids but the most important ones are; zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein. These nutrients are extremely helpful in fighting disease.
The type of environment a person is in, can also determine whether a he or she is successful or not. A strong support system consists of people with the same goal or supportive people who may not have the same, goal but encourages you to meet goals you set for yourself. If the environment is a supporting and encouraging one, the more likely a person is to succeed. If the environment is not a supportive and the people who surround you are constantly urging you to bend and break your diet, a change in scene may be necessary in order to be successful.
A healthier diet can mean longevity, and that benefit alone is priceless. Better eating habits can also change the physical aspect of a person’s life, with the proper nutrition, weight loss and gain can be manageable. Small changes in the diet make all the difference when it comes to eating healthy. A more manageable weight means a boost in self confidence and over all esteem for many people.
Another advantage to adapting better eating habits is the influence it makes on others. Children especially need a positive surrounding when it comes to eating. Studies have shown that not only the amounts of food, but the amounts of bad food, consumed by children increases over the years. A good role model in this aspect would make all this difference in the amounts of unhealthy food enters a home. Additionally, to explain to children why these foods should not be overly consumed would help them make better decisions with how they eat.
Though maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle requires plenty of determination, consistency, and determination, the benefits are a priceless reward. The amount of effort that is put into this goal determines the level of success that is achieved.

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    We do not do your work for you. You are the peer; we are not. When writing, the audience needs to be considered. You are the audience giving the author your feedback. What is your feedback?

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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