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for religion we are doing a saint prject. We did Saint (our name) and made a picture of ourselves. Then we had to label things on our body ( which we can exaggerate) that a saint would have. ex. big ears for listening, big helping hands to help people in need) we had to do 6. Could you please help me think of some more?? thanks :):P

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    by the way i didn't use the big ears for listening,cuz im not allowed to use that one. The other ones i had were bright eyes to brighten up everyone's day and a large smile to share the love.

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    =) A sweet voice....
    Sharp elbows for poking people when they aren't listening.

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    i used the first one saying a sweet voice to make others feel sweet. but i think the second one is too violent for a saint:P thanks

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    Saints sometimes were not really nice...Saint Paul was pretty straight forward about what he thought. And the Bible even says that Jesus took a whip to the money changers in the temple...

    What about a loooong finger to point the way?

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    ok i will use those then. thanks for all ur help u rock;)

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