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The similarities between both, Macbeth and Hitler are that they both desired power. Both of them were cruel in getting what they wanted. They were from a very low social class and rose to a very high social class. Both of them had a belief. For Macbeth it was the witches and for Hitler it was the Aryan race.
Even though they had all these similarities they also had differences. Macbeth’s wife, lady Macbeth had a lot of power over him although in Hitler’s point of view, women were not to be seen or heard. In the last years of Macbeth’s life he showed guiltiness and regretted what he had done but as how selfish Hitler was, he did not regret at all on what he had did to Germany. A strong and powerful man like Macbeth never gave up but on the other hand a self-centered man like Hitler went on forgetting what consequences had occurred to Germany because of him.

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