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We has to read a book called alas babylon and we has to write an essay about how did fort repose adapt to the changes after the day. and I ran into two examples in the book that i didn't quite comprehend
It says people unconsciously were inclined to split time periods into new periods before the day and after the day. The first example is is that before the day a guy might have said he was an automobile dealer, now he operates a trotline for catfish.
2nd one is that a mother bight boast "Oh yes, Oscar passed his college boards. Of course that was before the day" or a younger mother might say Hope was born after the day i wonder about her teeth.
Just had problem comprehending those two examples.
thanks in advance

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    First example:

    After the war, there's no need for automobile dealers -- no car to sell, no gas to run them, and no place to go. A trotline is a line with a lot of hooks so that many fish can be caught in a short time. These fish provide food for the people of Fort Repose.


    Passing the college boards means nothing now because there are no colleges. The radiation from the bombs may have affected the child's teeth.

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